School Project Fundraising Letter

Ms. Pranjal Kadowala


Madurai School

Pasumalai, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

August 21, 2010

Mr. Nibodh Makarand

Bye pass road, Madurai

Tamil Nadu

Dear Mr. Makarand,

Our school was a casualty of a terrible incident last month.  One of our buildings caught fire due to faulty electrical wiring causing damage to ten of our rooms as well as equipment, furniture, and the entire electrical circuit of the building.  Sadly, the school does not have enough budget to finance the complete renovation of the building and to replace all the burnt equipment and furniture.  Until now, the restoration of the building remains unfinished.

For this reason, we are raising funds for this school project to be completed.  We are writing to all the school alumni such as you to seek any form of support that you may extend.  The education of our students would be greatly affected if the building is unfinished because the rooms are not enough to accommodate all of them.  Please contact us should you have queries or if you wish to donate.

Thank you.


Ms. Pranjal Kadowala

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