Fundraising Letter For Someone Sick

Ms. Gurjari Makhija

N Block, Govind Nagari


April 19, 2010

Mr. Fawaz Koppolu

Saran Estate, Ahirwan Krishna Nagar

Dear Mr. Koppolu,

I am Gurjari, mother of a five-year-old boy who is suffering from cancer.  My son, Fateen, was diagnosed to have cancer a week ago.  He had been suffering from headaches for quite a while and we have gone to various doctors but the complete diagnosis was given only last week.  We are very saddened by the news and at the moment we are very much troubled because we do not have enough money to finance the additional laboratory tests and initial treatment that he needs to undergo.  He is supposed to be confined within the month.

We are raising funds so that he will be able to get the much-needed treatment for his illness.  For this, we are knocking on your kind heart to extend your help to our child.  We hope that you would sympathize with us and help us save our child.

Thank you and we hope for your support.


Ms. Gurjari Makhija

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