Organization Fundraising Letter

Ms. Prasana Kaith


Student Volunteers Organization

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

October 21, 2010

Mr. Nigam Koritala

A.A.Nagar East I cross street

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Dear Mr. Koritala,

Our organization, the Student Volunteers Organization, is a group of students who believe in the spirit of volunteerism.  For us, one sure way to help our country move forward is by having the initiative to take action in helping resolve the problems of society.  As a volunteer organization, we organize activities to help ease problems that are as simple as cleanliness or as hard as poverty in society.

We are a non-profit, non-government organization and we rely solely on donations and support to finance our operations and activities.  We are currently raising funds for a Health Awareness Drive that we will be holding next month.  We are writing to you to seek your support in any amount or form.  Rest assured that what you give to us will be put to good use and will benefit those in need.

Thank you and we hope for your positive response.


Ms. Prasana Kaith

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