Letter of Farewell to Employee

A letter of farewell is usually a departure letter written to someone who is leaving an institution. These are generally exchanged in work places when a long time employee is about to quit and the management wishes him/her all the luck for the future along with a deep sense of appreciation towards the employee’s contribution. Employees feel grateful on receiving such a letter as it shows their importance.


David Kevin

1401 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
V8S 1V9


Dear Kevin,

The team of SaskCentral sends you the deepest regret to have to witness you leave.

You were the most fun person. None of us ever felt out of place around you. You had the greatest skills in crisis management and always knew to make the right decision during such times. You knew how to keep your team members spirited throughout the day.

Your keep-smiling attitude made us like you more with each passing assignment. You always knew how to manage time and meet deadlines without pressurizing.

We wish you good luck in your new workplace. Hope you create the same environment and make yourself favorite to everyone.

May you have a successful future ahead.




Everybody at SaskCentral

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