Format for Experience Letter or Relieving Letter

A letter of experience is generally forwarded by an institution where an individual has worked in the past while applying for a new job or post secondary education. It incorporates an individual’s previous or current work experience. It must contain the time period of work along with the skills that he/she acquired during the said course of time.

360incentives Inc.


Monica Green
450 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0V8


Dear whom it may concern,

I hereby confirm you that Ms. Monica Green was associated with our organization from April 12, 2005 to June 13, 2013. As an employee at 360incentives her responsibilities were to review our clients report and send necessary suggestions to our creative team. She has a keen sense of observation and skilled in crisis management. She has a professional attitude towards work, thus being able to meet up deadlines every time.

She left 360incentives on June 13, 20013 due to some personal issues and now is back in the field and is in search of a job. We would be more then happy to have her back, but she cannot shift from her place.

I would fairly recommend Ms. Green for a post that fits her skills in your company.



Simon Mathew


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