Sample Employee Reference Letter

Anna Smith,

12th East Avenue,

East London,


Dear Anna,

This is a reference letter written with authorization from Martin Green who is our former employee. Mr. Green has applied for the position of accountant in your organization.  The information in this letter should be treated with utmost confidentiality. Only those in your organization who are involved in the recruitment should have access to this document. Likewise the information should not be disclosed to anyone outside the organization except with written consent from Mr. Green.

Mr. Green has been employed in our company since June 5th 2006 in the position of Accounts Assistant. His main responsibilities were data entry, cost accounting, preparation of the journals and trial balance. In this position he received a gross income of £1000 per month. Mr. Green was a dedicated employee with good analytical skills. He can work with minimum supervision and is a competent accountant.

For more information please contact me.




David White.

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