Tenant Reference Letter

Francis Brown 256 Angle Street, Brandon, England. 02/06/2003 Dear Mr. Brown, It gives me great pleasure to recommend Michael Freeman who has been my tenant for over two years. He had an impeccable payment history and always paid the rent before or on the due date. Initially, there were complains of loud music from his house but when confronted about this he was sorry and immediately stopped it. There were no complaints from the house keeper and care taker and he was known as a very friendly man. Michael gave me ample notice of his intended vacation and this gave me enough time to find a replacement. He left the house in a good condition and there was no damage to any of the fittings. He has been one of my best tenants. I would recommend Michael as a tenant from my pleasant experience with him. I will gladly answer any further questions. Sincerely, Hannah Huston.

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