Letter Requesting a Doctor to Participate in a Free Medical Camp

Dr. Clint Geller

5825 South Maryland
US, IL 60637


Dear Dr. Geller,

We, Texas Medical Association (TMA) have organized a free medical camp at the

Carnegie Vanguard High School campus in Houston on Sunday, 4th August, 2013 from 10 a.m. onwards.

Our plan is to provide free medical services to all the localities in an around Texas. Our estimated figure for the camp is 1000 people. All our treatments will be conducted in accordance to the necessary logistics in Medicines/Drugs, Accommodation, Meals, Transport and Medical charges at various hospitals in Texas. We have decided to carry out this service in the following field:

Eye clinic                    Dental Clinic               General Medical Clinic

Minor Surgery             Dermatology               Gynecology

Since, you are one of the famous surgeons in Texas we will be honored by your presence. We hope you accept this request and contribute to the success of this campaign.

Best regards,

Rachel Anniston

Executive Director

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