Hospital Fundraising Letter

Dr. Prachi Junanker


Mumbai Hospital

Gamadia Road


April 6, 2010

Mr. Faraz Mahavira



Dear Mr. Mahavira,

I write to you in behalf of the Mumbai Hospital which is currently in need of funds.  The hospital suffered from a fire last month and this destroyed several of our rooms and laboratory equipment.  The rooms need to be rebuilt and new equipment as well as furniture such as hospital beds need to be bought.  As of now, we have minimal funds available for capital outlay and emergency purposes such as this.

In this regard, we are seeking any financial donation that your company could give to the hospital for the needs stated above.  We have raised a certain amount but still need more funds to be able to buy the damaged equipment.  Any donation would be a big contribution for the patients we serve.

If you have any queries, please contact us at 91-22-67728-279.

Thank you.


Dr. Prachi Junanker

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