Nonprofit Fundraising Letter

August 4, 2010

Dear Friends,

We have been working for the uplift of the abandoned children for the past 10 years.  The “Rainbow Charity” is an orphanage we have been running in the outskirts of Chennai for such children.

We have been providing good nutrition and quality education to the children all these years and there have been many well-wishers to see us through.  But in these days of economic crisis, there are days when we find it difficult to make both ends meet.  We have been taking in more children and providing them with some sort of vocational training too as they grow up.  We are in dire need of funds and your donation will go a long way in creating a better quality of life for these less fortunate kids.

Your donation can either be in cash or in items of daily need.  More than that it will be kind of you, if you can spend a day with these kids, laughing with them, giving them a little happiness.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,

R. Udhayabhanu (Office Bearer)

Rainbow Charity

[email protected]

Phone:  26954823

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