School Fundraising Letter

August 4, 2010

Dear Parents and Friends,

As you all may know, our school organizes an exhibition and fun fete during November close to Children’s Day each year to give some sort of aid to the less fortunate children of the streets and orphanages.  This year we have chosen to use the funds for the welfare of healthy children of parents with leprosy.

Your active participation in this fete will bring a smile on the faces of a few poor children.  You can further donate in cash or other items of daily use like clothes (in good condition only), toothpaste, soap, grains, oil, or such.  You are also invited to the function on November 14, when we will be distributing the collection to a few organizations in our neighborhood that are caring for such children.

All of you have cooperated very actively in the past and hope you will do this year too.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Daniella Roberts (Headmistress)

Nazareth Matriculation Higher Secondary School

[email protected]

Phone:  26558947

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