Sample Press Release: Employee Promotion Letter

Press Release: Employee Promotion

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998]


[FIRM, ex. SoftLite Industries] is proud to name [NAME, ex. Jill Smith] as its new [POSITION, ex. Chief Executive Officer].  [NAME, ex. Mrs. Smith] has been with [FIRM, ex. SoftWarez Enterprises] for [DURATION, ex. three years] as [PREVIOUS POSITION(S) Vice President of Sales].  [BRIEFLY STATE EMPLOYEE’S SUCCESS WITH FIRM, ex. She has helped boost SoftWarez’ consumer sales over the half-billion dollar mark, and was a chief player in the marketing of our widely successful PowerStatment(tm) line of accounting software.]

We congratulate [NAME, ex. Jill Smith], and look forward to a prosperous future with [him/her].

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