Sample to Solicit Sales Call Letter

Solicit Sales Call

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998]


John Smith

XYZ Inc.

1234 First Street

Suite 567

Anycity, Anystate  85245]

Dear [NAME, ex. John Smith],

Allow me to introduce a [product/service] which [STATE HOW PRODUCT/SERVICE WILL BENEFIT THE POTENTIAL CUSTOMER, ex. has the potential to reduce your manufacturing costs by up to 30% and increase your profits by the same figure.]

[STATE WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE POTENTIAL CUSTOMER AND STATE THE PROBLEM WHICH YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE SOLVES], ex. Being in the air conditioner manufacturing business, I am certain that you agree with me that labor costs comprise a large portion of your total costs.  However, these large expenses reveal an opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits.]

[INTRODUCE YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE AND STATE SPECIFICALLY HOW IT WILL BENEFIT THE POTENTIAL CUSTOMER, ex. Our firm has developed a compressor, the Magnaflux A35, which is specifically designed to reduce the amount of labor involved in the manufacturing process.  Specifically, the Magnaflux A35 eliminates the need for specialized lathe and tool operators required in the traditional manufacturing process.] [DO NOT GIVE AWAY ALL THE DETAILS OF YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE; INSTEAD OFFER TO MEET WITH THE CUSTOMER TO INFORM HIM/HER OF THE SPECIFICS]

As I understand you are a busy person, I will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss exactly how [STATE PRODUCT/SERVICE, ex. our Magnaflux compressor] can benefit you {and your company}.  You can reach me at XXX-XXXX at any time.

I hope to speak with you soon.


[YOUR NAME, ex. Jill Jones]

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