Missing You Romantic Letter


Richmond Road,


My soul,

Fate has played its game and sent us apart from each other, but you know what, there is not a single moment in my life that passed without your thought. I see you besides me, I feel you around me… but I miss you in my heart and your presence.

I can’t explain you in words how much I miss you… Tears come in my eyes and heart gets heavier than a rock…This is the way I live every moment without you, ‘cause habits are hard to change. I am habituated to you; your care and love are like supplies to my soul.

I sometimes feel that there is no soul inside me, I feel restless, cant sleep overnight… my mind I full of your thoughts. But the good thing is you are the only reason because of which I am doing well and prospering in life. I am dying to come back to you and  I know you are also waiting for me to come back and hug you. I promise sweetheart I will come back soon.


I love you lot and I miss you….



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