Emotional Romantic Letter




My love,

From the day we met and till date there is not a single day that we were apart from each other. We met every day; we used to move hand in hand together. But sweetheart I don’t how to stay it, but the matter of fact ; it is the time when god is testing our love and I believe that we are going to clear this period with a blink of our eyes.

Sweetheart, there may be times when I had hurt you, there may be times when there were tears in your eyes because of me but you don’t know one thing, every time you get hurt my heart gets hurt more, every time you cry this heart cries even more.

Sweetheart I promise that I will be back soon for you, I am leaving this state as I have joined Cambridge for my higher studies, but I promise that this is not the end. This is the beginning of a new era, and era of love and baby I love you a lot.

Always Yours forever,

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