Distant Romantic Letter

Joe Smith,

15th Avenue,



Today the whole day I was smiling because I was thinking about you the whole day. Even you are far away from me but still you have made me feel that you are always with me, around me. I miss you a lot but never felt sad about it.

You have given the most sweet and happy memories. You were always there whenever I needed you; there was never a drop in my eye because of you. I thank God to give me the most precious gift which everyone in this world need and that is  LOVE which I have got from you.Your love and presence have always strengthened me in the most difficult times of my life.

Sweetheart, please return home soon, I’ll be waiting for you at the door step and till then I willl remember the time we  have spent together in past few months of our relation. Take care.

Yours truly,

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