Adoption Recommendation Letter

This letter is to willfully recommend my daughter, Rosy Woods, and her husband, Mark Goldsmith as adoptive parents.

My daughter has always dreamt of having children since she was a little kid, and even with her own siblings she has always maintained an age-appropriate caretaker role.

She was the only one who was able to convince her brother down from a meltdown, or get her sister to finish her dinner on time.

As for Mark Goldsmith, I couldn’t have asked for a better son-in-law. He is sensitive, smart, and has a good personality. It is a treat watch him play with the little nieces and nephews on every family events.

They are both optimistic people, upbeat, and have active lifestyles, enjoying fishing, hiking, and getting away from it all at our family gathering at a lake.

If anyone is in a position to adopt a child, it is Rosy Woods and Mark Goldsmith. Any child would be lucky to have them as parents.

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