Nursing Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a great pleasure that I recommend Rosy Firewood for a responsible position in your nursing department. I am the Senior Superintendent with Marocs Medicos Diagnostics, a nursing home in Hudson Valley, New York.

Rosy Firewood has been with my nursing home for more than five years. During her tenure I have been immensely awestruck with her ability in dealing with patients. She has the requisite qualification and knowledge that is expected of every nurse.

She is intelligent, patient, good listener, has a pleasing personality and above all is a person of integrity. It needs a special mention of her humanitarian nature which has been the reason why she achieved many milestones during her stay in my nursing home.

I recommend to you a genuinely talented young lady who is a perfect fit for the nursing job.


Kevin Peterson

Senior Superintendent,

Marocs Medicos Diagnostics

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