Letter of Recommendation Residency

It is indeed a great pleasure that I write this letter to show my support of Mary Gomes who is a recent graduate from University of Graffiti Medical Sciences in New York. Mary was admitted to this university after she obtained a Bachelor of Science in microbiology and successfully had a Master of Public Health in epidemiology. While pursing her master’s degree, she was a research associate at the much acclaimed University of California, San Diego. Also she was a research assistant at the San Diego County Department of Health. In addition, she grabbed an internship at the Center for Disease & Human Control.

In addition to her academic credentials she has equally participated in          faculty-student discussions and meetings. She has all along been an advocate of student welfare.

In summary, she has the required motivation, dedication, patience and is a fast learner. I’m sure she will be an asset for your residency program.


Professor K.Madness

HOD, Medical Department.

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