Goodbye Letter To Boss

May 4th 2009

Joe Perry
UBC Group of Company
Alaska, USA

Dear Boss,

As you must be aware, today is my last working day with UBC. I would like to take a moment and thank you for all your support. It has been life time experience working with you, I learned a lot from your rich experience.

I am not going alone from here, I am taking the unique experiences, great learning and lost of cherished memories.

Your diligent leadership has given new life to UBC, we all are so thankful to you that we could actually witness the history in making. You sailed through the odd times and kept every one in this company as one single entity.

I am confident enough to stand against any challenges, Thank you once again for putting your heart and soul for making every one of us a great professional and good human being.

Please be in touch with me always.


Jim Edwards
Cell- 675-908-5540

Email – [email protected]

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