Goodbye Farewell Letter

5th July, 2010


Coworkers / Friends

KLN Inc, Sky Arch

St. Louise,MI-6509

Dear Friends:

As many of you know that I have accepted new position in London with BP Inc, hence will be leaving in two weeks time. I request every one of this company to please consider this letter as my sincere and heartily goodbye.

I wish to share that this has not been an easy decision to me to move from this company. I am in a very mixed state, happy as I will be joining new team and taking new challenges, it would give my professional career new height. Sad as I will have to leave this great company and even great colleagues. I have learned, shared and grown with people of this company. I could only wish to have same jovial, intelligent and experienced set of colleagues in my new company.

I would like to thank every one for making my stay such rewarding and worth while experience

My very best wishes to the company and every one of you

Yours sincerely,

Email – [email protected]

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