Condolence Letter to Boss


Mr. Sunil Vaidya,

The Head,

Human Resource Department,

ICM Technologies,


Tamil Nadu.

July 30, 2010

Dear Sir,

Though it is not the perfect time to read a letter, yet please accept us for the coming few minutes, if possible. We were shocked to receive such dooming news last night. In fact we were expecting to greet your wife a real ‘good morning’ wish today. Anyways, everyone needs to accept the hard reality.

We can understand what is going on with her. It would be absolutely great if you can manage to spend some time with her, away from the city hassles. This will not only help her recover the shock, but also come up with a new life and new hopes.

It is our promise to deliver the best at office, even during your week’s leave. You can send us your advices and assign tasks over phone or email. We will be happy to serve you.


Human Resource Team

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