Letter To Boyfriend

Roger Tomas

234, Baker’s street,

New Jersey.

Dear Roger,

How are you? I am doing fine in New York but getting bored as the training is not more than 3-4 hours and the rest of the time I have to write papers, reports and check mails etc. How are you doing at college? I guess your attendance will improve as I have not been there since 2 months! Good for you though, right!?

I have met a couple of old friends from school, Jeanne, who is working in a law-firm and Alicia who is a biologist. We get together on Sundays and check out this large and ‘happening’ city.

The good news for you is that I will be back by the 18th of this month (training will continue in New Jersey) so we can spend much more time together!

Be there at the airport to receive me… and don’t forget to greet me with a bunch of red roses!!  I will send the flight details to you by mail.

Yours lovingly,


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