Hilarious Friendship Day Letter

Michael Steven

#301, Sherton Road,



Hi dude,

What’s up? You seem to have forgotten me? I am doing great as usual.  To day is international friendship day. So let me wish you a happy friend ship day! Last year we were together and this year we are miles apart. Any way that’s ok…hey, do u remember, last year we teased James to the core, that at last he ended locking himself up in his room. That was very funny indeed. And we have painted Ron’s face with water colors which ultimately resulted in a big blast from Ron’s mom.

One thing is sure…we used to get on very well with each other. Playing pranks on professors, facing detentions from them, ragging our juniors, going out with girls, last moment night outs…they were the most memorable days of my life, buddy. Those old good times will never come again. And to day is a special day to cherish all those moments. Wishing you a happy friendship day once again.

Your best pal,


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