Letter To Girlfriend

Clara Jacob

116, Vincent Road,

New England.

Dear Clara,

I have been thinking of you so often ever since you left for your cousin’s place. I was trying to write to you all of last week, but could only get around to it now. How is your cousin doing? Is her allergy better, I hope it was nothing serious.

Here, I have taken up a course in gardening and I am planning to set up a nursery and flower farm. I will be completing it in another fortnight, so I guess by that time you will be around to help me in setting it up. I have purchased a number of seeds and also a good deal of gardening equipment along with a really good book on gardening for dummies! Just can’t wait to show it all to you!

Come back soon and we can go to our favorite ice-cream store and I will treat you in celebration of my new-found business.

Reply soon and lots of love.



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