Parents Consent Letter


Mrs Wesley,

E-12, Sterling heights,


Dearest Mom,

This is Jessica on the other side talking to you. I hope everyone there is in the pink of health. You might be wondering as to why I am talking to you in this way. The thing is that, I wish to seek your consent for something.

Mom, there is going to be an intercity dancing competition next month and I am willing to take part in it, only by your consent. I have always wished to showcase my dancing skill on such a platform. I know you might be concerned for the final year of my studies. I assure you that there might be no loss whatsoever in my studies due to my dance training. If I get your consent, I might be able to grab the only opportunity which I have been in search for such a long time. I am looking forward to an affirmative response from you.

Yours lovingly,


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