Consent Letter For Project


Mrs Lawrence,

Environment and Forest ministry,


Dear Mrs Lawrence,

This letter has come into effect to seek the consent of the Environment and Forest ministry for a certain project which our firm, OIY Constructions Ltd, is looking forward to accomplish. The details of the project are enclosed along with this letter. Also, the enclosure has been provided with the topographical detail of the site where the project is proposed by our construction firm. The said site has been in possession with our firm for last 30 months and the documents verifying these details have also been enclosed.

I would like to mention that the segment of the enclosure containing the details of our project has been provided with the details of the carbon footprint of this project in the coming 20 years, as per required by the ministry. I assure you that all the information is true to my knowledge and I hope to get the required consent for our project.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Neville

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