Travel Consent Letter


Mr Williamson,

D-15, Privet Drive,

King’s Cross

Dear father,

I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your and Mamma’s health. Dad, I am writing this letter to seek permission from you and Mom for a holiday tour. After the term end, certain fellow students of mine have decided to go on a fortnight long holiday. This holiday will be involving touring across the city, which we have not been able to do ever since our academics have begun. I am hopeful that I will be provided with what I seek. I will be back at home spending the rest of my holidays with you and Mom at King’s Cross.

This travel along the city holiday tour will help me develop sociological behaviour to tackle day to day people’s behaviour. Also, travelling, as both of you are well aware of, is one of my favourite time pass and rejuvenating activity. Looking forward for an affirmative response from your side,

Yours lovingly,


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