Sorry Letter to Love

Grace Kent,

11th Frowning Street,



25th May 2009.

Dear Grace,

I am truly sorry for yelling at you the way I did last weekend. I never meant to do that on purpose but when I saw what you had done to my brother’s Ferrari car I got irate and said things that I wish I had not. I suspect that his earlier warning that if I ever put a scratch on his car any time I borrowed it he would never speak to me again and would make me pay for the damage, trivial or otherwise.

What incensed me more is the fact that he would always caution me to never let any one of my friends drive it and the only time I let you behind the wheel you not only dented its front but rammed into the back of another motor vehicle! I new the insurance company would pay for the damage and I was way out of line for the way I shouted out you. I regret the harsh words I used and I wish I could undo what happened. You mean so much to me and I really love you and kindly ask you to forgive me.

Yours truly,


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