Sorry Letter to Father

Francis Ballad

Phoenix Street, 9776,


25th May 2009

Dear Dad,

I am truly sorry for letting my brother Joe drive home while drunk. I was with him for most of the evening during our sister Brenda’s birthday party at the Monty Hotel last night. Joe had already made preparations and had sat back to enjoy some drinks when I arrived. All through the celebration he was composed but I noted with great concern that he was taking in way too much alcohol. I did not want to worry Brenda so I went over and asked him if there was something bothering me and he calmly told me that he was having trouble at work and was planning to sleep early. He asked if I could give him my jacket and I did.

After an hour I noticed that he was neither in the lounge, nor was he at the lobby. I called his cell phone and after the third attempt, he picked up and told me he found the car keys in the jacket pocket and not wanting to disturb me, opted to drive home alone. Please forgive me for letting him out of my sight.

Kind regards,

Brad Ballad.

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