Sorry Letter to Wife

Mary Kay,

Bayside Street,


Orlando Florida

Dearest Mary,

I am deeply sorry for letting you go through the birth of our baby daughter without me beside you. I never meant to be away at the time. My boss came to the office yesterday morning and surprised everyone when he announced that there was low morale among employees in the company and he ordered everyone to shut down their machines and be downstairs in five minutes flat. No one said anything as we all exchanged puzzled looks while we trooped into the elevators and when we got to the parking base downstairs, we found a tour bus ready to take us to the Sunset Country club where we were informed that we were scheduled for a team building exercise.

We were required to switch off and leave our hand held devices at the reception then we were herded into the yard where we had a session leader waiting for us.  He split us into groups made us do all sorts of challenging exercises all day. By the time I got your messages you had already delivered. I love you and would never have missed it for the world as the baby came early.

Your loving husband,

Jonas Kay.

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