Request For Quote Letter

Head of Mechanical Department

New parts Eastern house

2nd block, 3rd row

London, United Kingdom

13th April, 2010.

Re: Request for quotation letter.

Dear Mr Perry,

We have heard a lot about your company’s new parts and the latest products manufactured by you. We are also into assembling cars and are in constant need of these mechanical parts. We would request you to give us a quotation of the following products listed below, so that we can review the same and take the association further.

Products                                    Description                                 Unit price

Horns                                   For Mercedes

Tyres                                    For Mercedes

Steering                               For Mercedes

Windscreen                         For Mercedes

We would request your team of experts to duly fill in the attached form and send us the quotation by the end of the month. We would also like to mention in advance, that we would need about 500 units of each product and adherence of deadline is a must.

Waiting for your reply

Susan Sandrome

J.B Autos.

Download Sample Request For Quote Letter In Word Format

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