Pay Rise Request Letter

14th April, 2010


Mr. Jones Adams.

Great Looks Inc.

Senior HR

23 Modern Avenue

Block – C


Dear Mr. Adams,

I’m fortunate for the opportunity to work for you and like always have been enjoying doing so. I’m sure you’ll give your consent, if I were to say that, in the three years I’ve worked for you, I’ve become a crucial member of your team and have achieved a great deal.

During this tenure, there has been a rise in the sales figure from a merge 2000 dozens to a whooping 13000 dozens. However, while the sales figure has seen a sea change, I’m still working on the initial salary which we had agreed three years ago at the time of my joining.

In light of my achievements and per our agreement, I’m most humbly requesting an immediate pay raise of five percent.



Ms Monica Gomes

Great Looks Inc.

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