Promotion Request Letter

Mr. Sanders,

Managing Director,

Sun Integrated Electronics.
Dear Mr. Sanders,

I have been working under authority for the past 3 years and it gives me immense pleasure to tell you that I am very happy to work and contribute to the Sun Integrated Electronic’ s profits.

Allow me to present an opportunity I see for greater profits and increased quality of our service. I am confident that you will agree with the effort I have put as a Senior Engineer to contribute to the success of the Networking project.

I would like you to know that I can be of more profit to you and Sun Integrated Electronics as Project Manager. I have been working in many projects and I have the clear idea of what the customers are expecting from our company.  Having a 3 year experience in networking I can assure you that my abilities can bring more profit to our company.

I would be glad to meet you but I also understand the busy schedule you have over the day. I would be thus delighted to meet you at any time as per your convenience to discuss my request.


Aditya Rao,
Senior Engineer.

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