Direct Marketing Letter

February 10, 2009


Ms. Mary Joe

456 Woodley Lane

Texascity, TW 79238


Dear Ms. Joe:


Everybody would want the idea of saving something off the purchase. Saving 50% makes it sound even better. The Mesopotamia shopping credit card is a real friend to people who were born to shop. If shopping raises your spirits, Mesopotamia  shopping credit card is a must have. As a woman I shop at least twice a week for clothes and house holds. This is the best part; the card helped me to accumulate enough credits to shop for an extra day.


The way the card operates is the same with ordinary cards only that you save more than you spend. If you choose to acquire one, you can contact us through our website or dial (500) any time and you will immediately get Mesopotamia shopping credit card. Someone will process your details and come up with a full application before 12 hours elapse.


Yours Faithfully




Texa Bank Marketing Manager

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