Business Marketing Letter

February, 2006


Starbright General Manager,


Quadri-City Chev-Olds


123 Ore Street


Alltown OH 12345-9163


Dear Mrs. Mary Doe,


Unfold the polythene bag and take a look or even feel it with the tips of your fingers. The quality is outstanding and I am sure you can feel the difference. It goes for only $2.5. You can use the bag to carry your precious things without any fear of loss. It is very presentable because like you already know, what you carry changes how you look. A bag is part of your looks.


Do you need to look neat and professional? Do you want something which can hold heavy possessions? What about something with long life? If your answer is yes to all the questions, you need to have loyal plastic bags. The plastic bag does not even reveal what is inside. If you like your privacy, you are better off with loyal plastic bags.


Yours faithfully,



Mercy N Norris,


Marketing Manager

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