Thank You Love Letter


632, Kent housing colony,

West Minister Road,

New England.

Dear Juliet,

Thank you so much for accepting my love. I am the luckiest person in the world that I won the heart of such a beautiful woman. Not only your beauty, but also your care for fellow beings, compassion, your level of comprehension for others and most importantly your humanitarian attitude is what I admire the most.

Life without love is meaningless and by having you in my life I have made it meaning full. So now I hope to get your continuous love, care and support to make our future better. I promise to make to you happy, provide with all necessary things with in my limit. And I also want a promise from you that just love me like this for ever, darling. I wish you to be mine forever and ever and our love would be eternal.


I love you.


Yours lovingly,



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