Sacrifice Love Letter


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New Delhi-110986.

Dear Asha,

The time has come when we have to make a major decision in life. I know it is difficult for both of us to reach at a conclusion but we have to do so. We are in love with each other since such a long time that we both feel as one person and not too.

But there are times, when God has planned something else for us. At this moment when my father is struggling with critical health, he wish to marry me with his friend’s daughter, so we have no other option then to sacrifice our love.

I know this decision will tear our hearts but we have some responsibilities towards our parents who have brought us in this world. I even know that at this very moment you must be cursing me but I can only say that please try to understand my situation.

No matter wherever I may lead into life but you will always be a special person.
Your faithful,



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