Second Chance Love Letter


165, 5th street Avenue,

New Hampshire,


Dear Lisa,

It’s always been a great pleasure being with you. I just want to express that we may not be together for a while but things around us have been changing quite well. There would be no day when my feelings could exhaust for you. Out of all the successful terms behind every relationship, love would be the only thing that stuck to everyone’s mind. ‘Wherever you are, I can still feel your presence’ and I just want you to come back in my life and so I am writing this letter asking for another chance.

The more I think to forget about you, the harder it’s getting on to me. It’s been really difficult for me to forget all the past memories that we have shared. I just think that it would be the right time to think about it again. Hope you will forgive and give a second chance to patch up our relationship.
Love you always,

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