Love Confession Letter

Dear Anjali,

I’m really confused as to how to start this letter since it could lead to a catastrophic way or can make my dreams come true. It all depends on your decision and surely it will make a huge impact on my life. I just wanted to say those 3 magical words ‘I love you’ right from the day when I first saw you at the college. This would become hard to believe or even unbelievable to listen such a statement from my side but I can’t hold that pressure of hiding it away from you.

I may not use some exceptional poetic words to express my love to you, but yet I believe in the simple true love behind me which could lead to heaven. Surely at some point, I think you would understand that how deeply am I in love with you, by reading this love letter and hope you will come back with a positive response.

Love you  always,


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