Letter of Intent to use


Girish Roy

12 B, Connaught Place,

Bhaba House, Ground floor.

New Delhi-110001

June 30, 2010

Subject: With reference to GreenWorld’s Peace March

Dear Mr. Bhaba,

Please be advised that I am the attorney for the non-government organisation GreenWorld. I have been advised that on June 27, you and other members for your company have harassed the members of the NGO, who were holding a protest march peacefully. I understand that you had shouted abuses to them and made some derogatory remarks and threatened to harm them if they did not stop the protests against your paper factory. These remarks have placed my clients in great fear and insecurity.

If you continue to harass them either in person or through phone calls, letters, mails and any other form of contact, I will take legal action against you and your company. I hope that in future you will comply with standards of decency.

Yours truly,

Radha Brijlal

Attorney at Law

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