Sample leave of absence letter

Jonas Mathews

22nd July 2009


Michael Reid,

HR Manager,

Goodwill Associates

New York

Dear Michael,

Re. Leave of Absence

I am writing to confirm that I shall not be in the office for a period of one week and shall be on a leave of absence starting 30th July 2009. As you are already aware, I will be undergoing a minor surgery on 30th July 2009, which will require one week of complete rest.

I am involved in two major projects at present with Fairfield technologies and Bluestar Enterprises. I have handed over my responsibilities to my colleague Sarah Parker, who will is well versed with the projects and will handle the same without any problem. Post the initial period of two days, when I shall be under sedation and complete rest, I shall be available via phone.

I shall rejoin and resume work on 6th August 2009, as agreed.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Jonas Mathews

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