Maternity Leave Letter


Michael Houston,

HR Manager,

Gothic Enterprises

New York.

Dear Michael,

Re. Maternity Leave

I am writing to confirm that I am pregnant and the baby is due in 21st August 2009 and I wish to avail my maternity leave from the week starting from 6th August 2009. I have not taken any annual leave and my annual leaves are still available to me totally and I wish to add the same to my maternity leave. I have enclosed the requisite form as per the rules for your perusal and action.

I also wish to avail my full maternity allowance for the period. I shall avail full maternity leave till 5th July 2010 and want you to confirm if you accept the date of rejoining. If I wish to return to work sooner, I am aware that I have to notify you of the same. Similarly, if I am late in rejoining work due to any reason, I shall notify my reasons.

I sincerely hope to hear from you at the earliest regarding confirmation of my maternity leave and rejoining date.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Jones
Encl. Maternity Leave form as per rules

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One thought on “Maternity Leave Letter

  1. Hi

    I am currently on maternity leave and unable to return to work as there is no availability at child care centres .
    I would like to write a letter to work advising I am not in the position to return until a position becomes available in a child care centre
    I have paid a deposit and put my child’s name on a waiting list at 3 child care centres , which I researched exclusively

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