Sample Pre-Meeting Assignments Letter

Pre-Meeting Assignments

To:                    [IDENTIFY PERSONS/GROUP, ex. John Smith, Joel Johnson & Bill Williams]

From:                [YOUR NAME]

Date:                [DATE, ex. July 5, 1998]

Subject:            [MEETING, ex. July 13 Meeting Agenda]

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that our meeting on [DATE, ex. Wednesday] will require considerable preparation in order to ensure that we be efficient with our time.  Accordingly, I’ve taken the liberty of writing up formal task assignments.

PERSON                                                          ASSIGNMENT


John Smith                                                        Prepare quarter one sales analysis

Joel Johnson                                                     Determine whether our suppliers are

willing to extend our terms

Bill Williams                                                      Forecast quarter two demand]

Please inform me if there are any concerns.  I look forward to seeing you on [DATE, ex. Wednesday].

Download Pre-Meeting Assignments In Word Format

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