Holiday Letter For Employer

Rajiv Mishra
Gairo softech

11th August, 2010

Dear Mr. Mishra,

This is to inform you and your staff that the next two days has been declared as holiday i.e. the office will remain close on 12th and 13th of August, 2010

This decision is had to be taken forcibly as the remote server which process all the work sheets and the transactions and our intranet work, is under maintenance. So this can be a good opportunity for our employeesin Hyderabad to take a break from work and enjoy with their families. The server will recover in two days and the work will be assigned immediately.

You are requested to inform this news to our employees and we wish all our employees a joyful break. All the employees should be made clear that they have to sign in back to office on Aug 14th, as per their regular timings.

Thanking you


Mr. Mann Khuraana
Managing Director
Gairo Softech
New Delhi

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