Holiday Cancellation Letter

4th Year Students

Sri Hindu College

Dear students,

This is to inform all the 4th year students that for the next 2 months till thesemester exams, the weekend holidays are cancelled i.e. from now on there will no holiday on Saturdays and the college will remain open and will be considered as a regular working day.

This decision was taken into consideration as the curriculum of thissemester has left far behind and is not up to the mark. Due to many political agitations going on in the city the syllabus couldn’t be completed in time. And to cope up with the deadlines and to complete the syllabus the management has takes this decision.

It requested to 4th year students to cooperate with decision and attend the college as a regular day. We can understand the inconvenience faced by you but hope you will understand the difficulty of the situation and cooperate.

Thanking you,


Prof. Narayan

Sri Hindu College

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