Foreclosure Hardship Letter Sample

Date 4th May, 2012

Name/Title Mary Roe
Address 795 E Dragram
City, State, Zip Code Tucson, AZ, 85705

Dear Mr. Nicks,

I wish to inform you that I have become delinquent on my mortgage payments as the establishment I was working for has suddenly closed down without prior intimation. It has come to my knowledge that my employer has discretely sold his business to another businessman for a price and the new buyer has refused to employ me besides other people. Although I explored many avenues to improve my financial situation by looking for alternative job or to pursue some viable business, I am still short of money that I owe you. I would greatly appreciate for an opportunity to obtain a loan modification or short sale.

I am asking for consideration to temporarily reduce or suspend my mortgage payments for 12 months else allow me to short sell my home. This will help us to get back on track. My home means a great deal to all of us and I wish to work with you to prevent foreclosure. Please advise whatever options available to prevent foreclosure or initiating a short sale at your earliest convenience. We are anxious to reach an agreement and appreciate your prompt response.

Respectfully yours,

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