Friendship Letters

You can share your feeling via Friendship letter, it is a great way to be intouch with your friend. Friendship letter can be written to friend who far away from you or to share to your feelings.

Write being yourself in the letter, avoid being formal as you are writing this letter to your friend and it is not require to be formal.

You can write the letter in the same tone as you talk to your friend. You can write about the happening in your life.

You can write about the special memories in the letter.

Friendship letter is easy to write, though under mentioned factors can help to create an effective letter:

•Name and address of the Recipient.

•Light up Sender’s friendship relation with Receiver in old days.

•Think of the special memories to include in the letter.

•Talk about the jolly time.

•Leave contact details of Sender.

•Name and Address of the Sender.

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