Best Friendship Letter

Prie Leonardo,

#143, Fort Hill Avenue,



Dear Prie,

How are you? I’m doing well. It’s been ten years, that we are friends now.  Longer the relation, more the memories. And on our 10th friendship anniversary, I would like to let you know how special you are to me! You are my best buddy and I am the world’s luckiest person, because I have got the sweetest friend like you.

A friend in a need is a friend in deed. But you were always there for me no matter, whether it was good or bad. You were there to guide me, help me in my studies, played pranks on me, loved me, cared for me, fought for me and so on. In fact I don’t remember even a single day spent without listening your sweet voice. It’s like you have become a part of my life. I can’t imagine doing anything without you. May god bless our friendship. Long live our friendship. I promise that I will be there for you for forever.  I need you for a life time.

Yours lovingly,


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