Formal Letters

While writing for formal letter it is important to have right format. Whether writing the letter to school, college, business firms or institution the format needs to be taken care. It is important to write the letter in professional way. The structure of the letter is important too.

The formal letter should be short and formal. The presentation of the letter is important to have the effectiveness. The following points can be considered for helping one frame correct formal letters:

The letter written to the person should be acknowledged like Respected Sir, Dear Madam. Date and Subject of the letter is important for any formal letter.

Your purpose of writing the letter should be descriptive. The body of formal letters should state the actual purpose and highlight areas of concern as precisely as possible.

“Thanking you” or Yours Sincerely” or “Yours faithfully” or Warm Regards, is written towards the end below which is written the name of the person writing the letter.


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